Australian Disabled Access Consultants was instrumental in arranging disabled access for the restaurant conversion of the heritage listed post office building at 2 Moonbie Street, Summer Hill within the Summer Hill shopping village.

Australian Disabled Access Consultants assisted the project architect, Robin Wood Studio of Melbourne with the disabled access aspects of the development application design drawings for the ground floor part of the restaurant, the front veranda outdoor dining area and the open garden dining area along the Moonbie Street side of the building.

This heritage listed building could not provide ramped wheelchair access directly into the front entry doorway without interfering with the building’s heritage facade and an alternate pathway of travel design solution to the front entry doorway from the rear gateway, located 9m from the main entry pathway was agreed upon to satisfy the equitable, dignified and safe accessibility principles of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

Australian Disabled Access Consultants design advice included providing unassisted wheelchair access and disabled access into the ground floor to comply with Ashfield Development Control Plan 2007, the Disability Access to Premises Standards 2010, AS1428.1-2009 and AS1428.4.1-2009 for:
  1. External and internal pathways of travel, stairs and steps with slip resistant surfaces with 1000mm minimum pathway width x 2000mm minimum height.
  2. Moonbie Street entry gateway to be open during business hours for unobstructed disabled access with 850mm minimum gateway clear opening widths and 1:14 maximum ramp gradient.
  3. Front steps landings to provide tactile ground surface indicators with tread nosings, handrails along both sides.
  4. Stairway within the internal dining floor to provide tactile ground surface indicators at top and bottom landings with tread nosings, handrails along both sides with an AS1735.7 compliant stairway wheelchair platform elevator lift.
  5. Doorways to have 850mm clear opening widths with 30% colour contrast to adjacent wall surface colour.
  6. Accessible toilet and shower facility with Braille and tactile door sign.
  7. Light switches and general purpose outlets to be 900mm-1100mm above floor level and 500mm minimum corner setback.
  8. Doors and gateway handles and hardware to be 900mm-1100mm above floor level with 20N opening and closing pressure.
  9. The front veranda outdoor dining area wheelchair access entry point to be located at the side of the main doorway entry steps pathway with no step between pathway and veranda floor levels and a wheelchair entry symbol.