Australian Disabled Access Consultants  recently helped to arrange disabled access for the Semaan Ropollo & Associates and Monument Commercial Architects refurbishment of the White Building in the University of NSW Kensington Sydney campus. The White Building is a student union restaurant and Australian Disabled Access Consultants negotiated disabled access into and within the ground and first floors of the restaurant and toilet.

The disabled access consultants provided disabled access design advice to ensure compliance with Randwick City Council’s Development Application DA/814/2009, Part D3 of the Building Code of Australia, AS1428.1–2009 (Design for Access and Mobility) and AS1428.4–2002 (Tactile Indicators) disabled access and wheelchair access guidelines for: 

  • Ground floor access ramp 
  • Continuous safe pathway of travel throughout the ground floor part of the restaurant 
  • Continuous safe paths of travel within the external pathway 
  • Building entry doorways 
  • Doorway and corridor widths and hardware 
  • Internal and external stairways 
  • Accessible toilet design 
  • Kitchen layout 
  • Slip resistant flooring and pavement materials 
  • Lighting illumination 
  • Door and window glazing 
  • Signage 
  • Hearing augmentation systems 
  • Floor-ceiling heights along all movement pathways; and 
  • Dining tables and serving benches
Australian Disabled Access Consultants prepared the Construction Certificate Design Certificate and congratulates Semaan Ropollo & Associates and Monument Commercial Architects for innovative building design techniques to improve disabled access within the UNSW Students Union restaurant that will also provide disabled person’s employment opportunities.