Australian Disabled Access Consultants  assisted Thomson Adsett Architects Pty Ltd in assessing existing disabled access facilities at the Bankstown City Aged Care Ltd’s Gillawarna Village, Georges Hall in the south western suburbs of Sydney.

The assessment of the existing ramp, walkway and stairway landing hand rails highlighted that the design and installation methods complied with AS1428.1 disabled access design objectives.

Thomson Adsett Architects Pty Ltd was congratulated by Australian Disabled Access Consultants for its design initiatives to provide safe wheelchair and disabled access within the aged care facility.

Australian Disabled Access Consultants explained that they completely support the Thomson Adsett Architects Pty Ltd disabled access handrails design where it complies with their disabled access recommendations as a community housing project, supporting the Australian Disability Discrimination Act.

The disabled access assessment report found compliance with:

  1. The guiding principles of the Disabilities Discrimination Act
  2. Bankstown City Council’s Development Control Plan disabled access design guidelines for adaptable housing development within the Glenhaven locality
  3. Australian Standards AS4299 and AS1428.1 disabled access building and parking design guidelines