Australian Disabled Access Consultants supports the commencement on 1 May 2011 of the Australian Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010.  

 The Disability Access to Premises Standards govern the application of built environment design guidelines to prevent discrimination against people with special needs and disabilities on gaining entry to buildings and places that were traditionally locked out.  

The Disability Access to Premises Standards enable a significant section of the community to freely access places that they could not enter previously without difficulty.  

The Access to Premises Standards introduce important and widespread improvements in building access across Australia. Corresponding changes to the Building Code of Australia have also been introduced to support the Access to Premises Standards to ensure consistency between both sets of built environment design controls.  

According to Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Graeme Innes, the commencement of these Premises Standards ushers in significant changes to the way public buildings are designed, constructed and renovated, ensuring greater safety and accessibility for all Australians, whether they live with disability, are ageing or simply experience difficulty entering and using buildings for any reason.  

The Access to Premises Standard will benefit every Australian to create a more adaptable and sustainable built environment capable of responding to the community’s changing circumstances and needs.