Australian Constructors Association  is involved in the construction industry and is engaged in activities such as construction of residential buildings, non-residential buildings, engineering constructions, process constructions, process engineering, contract mining, engineering design, infrastructure development and maintenance, oil and gas operating maintenance, telecommunication services and environmental services. Australian Constructors Association operates in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and many other overseas countries.

Design and Construct service from Australian Constructors Association is a delivery option for major construction projects. Another area called dispute resolution board from Australian Constructors Association comprises of a panel of three technical experts. This dispute resolution board is formed during project commencement and meets regularly at site briefings to deal with potential issues.

Relationship contracting from Australian Constructors Association is another flexible approach to establish and manage relationships between clients and contractors and to implement proven practices and techniques to optimise project outcomes.

In addition to this, Australian Constructors Association also offers streamlining  processes such as construction outlook report, relationship contracting, guidelines for tendering, public private partnerships, research and reports.

Australian Constructors Association has received Australian construction Achievement award and Services to Construction award.