Australian Communications Authority  is a government body which is responsible for the regulation of internet, broadcasting, telecommunication and radio communication. Australian Communications Authority also offers broadcasting services such as control rules in order to maintain media diversity regulating broadcasting content, developing program standards or licence conditions on specific issues supporting the development of codes of practice for the industry to ensure community safeguards, administering commercial ownership, supporting the development of codes of practice for the industry in order to ensure community safeguards. The broadcasting regulation responsibilities cover channel planning, regulation of content, licensing and regulation of ownership.

The Australian Telecommunications industry is synchronized through the application of industry standards, industry codes, and technical standards. The role of Australian Communications Authority n relation to radiofrequency spectrum management involves planning, licensing, and the coordination of standards. Australian Communications Authority plans the channels that television and radio services use, issues and renews licences, regulates the content of radio and television services and administers the ownership and control rules for broadcasting services. Australian Communications Authority licenses Australia's telecommunications carriers and regulates fixed line and mobile telecommunications.