Australian Building Inspection Services  provides stage inspection services throughout Northern NSW and South East Queensland. Australian Building Inspection Services selects the builders based on trade licenses, trade qualifications, those having completed residential building inspection accreditations.

The stage inspection and handover programme by Australian Building Inspection Services is effective and reliable. Australian Building Inspection Services supports its clients throughout the building process and completes the building in tradesman like fashion according to the Building code of Australia. The stage inspection and handover programme consists of five separate inspections.

The first step is the base stage that is carried out before the slab is poured. Base stage inspection is carried out to ensure whether the home is well constructed since the design of footings and foundations vary. The checking includes site conditions such as driveway slope, retaining walls, fences, access. Site improvements, floor structure, under slab services are inspected.

Next is the frame stage that is the frame is complete before internal wall linings are installed. Third stage is the lock up or water proofing stage followed by pre painting and practical construction. Lock up stage checking includes inspection of external doors and windows, completion of water proofing etc. Pre-painting includes painting of cabinets. Detailed inspection is carried out when ground levels are finished.