The Hendry Group, a licensee of the Australian Building Codes Board, has launched BCA Illustrated, a new service designed to provide the issues/ explanations/ interpretations and illustrations of BCA clauses in detail.

BCA Illustrated provides architects, engineers and building practitioners the BCA online (Volumes 1 and 2) complete with 3000 illustrations that allows you to visualise how the clauses are applied to your building.

Derek Hendry, Chairman of the Hendry Group, said, “With 3000 illustrations available through the BCA Illustrated online service, users of the BCA now have a sophisticated, intuitive service that bridges the gap in Australia’s Building Standards.”

Where an explanation of clauses are needed, illustrations are provided that place the clause within the context of specific situations, enabling the user to better understand the implications, terminology and intended usage of the clause.

“This particularly helps the user where there are multiple situations requiring differing interpretations of the clause as it relates to your building. Each situation is illustrated, discussed, and explained in full detail,” Hendry said.

BCA Illustrated has a fast search function, and the online service allows for the printing of individual clauses, pages, and illustrations. It also provides comprehensive explanations and illustrations that depict compliant and non-compliant situations.

“BCA Illustrated provides a giant step forward in allowing users to better understand and appreciate the implications and intent of the BCA, since the illustrations are prepared by Hendry Group building surveyors around Australia, who regularly interpret the BCA clauses for the issuing of building approvals.” Hendry said.