Wide range of Granito porcelain tiles from Australian Building Ceramics include Oasis, Polished, Waffle, Rondel, Castello, glazed wall tiles, Tactiles, glass mosaic, marble mosaic and porcelain tile accessories.

Granito Oasis are porcelain tiles which have easy cleaning surfaces and are resistant to stains and scratches. Polished Granito is a polished porcelain tile with a lustrous finish and is available in a range of base colours and patterns. These porcelain tiles can be co-ordinated with Granito Oasis for residential and commercial projects.

Granito Optima are porcelain tiles which have slip-resistant surfaces and can be colour co-ordinated with Granito Oasis in both interior and exterior applications.

Industrial tiles from Australian Building Ceramics include Granito Waffle and Rondel porcelain tiles. Both Waffle and Rondel porcelain tiles have slip resistant surfaces with optimum displacement volume and good barefoot slip resistance ratings. Industrial Oasis are easy cleaning tiles with good strength and durability

Granito Castello tiles from Australian Building Ceramics are hard wearing tiles which have slip resistant surfaces. These porcelain tiles have attractive surface designs such as marble veining combined with a surface texture emulating natural stone.