Australian Building Ceramics , established in 1985, designs and markets Granito wall tiles, floor tiles and Granito porcelain tiles. In 1998, Australian Building Ceramics licensed the manufacture of Granito tiles in a joint venture with Granitoguna Building Ceramics of Indonesia.

Granito, from Australian Building Ceramics, is a porcelain, glazed wall and floor tile brand. These floor and wall tiles are premium grade ceramics which gives optimum performance with stylish and aesthetic features. Granito porcelain tiles have been developed for extreme hardness and durability with slip-resistant properties and easy maintenance.

Granito tiles provide flooring solutions for all residential, commercial and industrial needs. Special Granito Tactiles from Australian Building Ceramics have good luminous reflective properties and aid in laying of communication pathway for vision impaired persons. These porcelain tactiles comply with Australian and international standards.

Granito Oasis is yet another range of porcelain tiles from Australian Building Ceramics. These porcelain tiles are hard wearing interior tiles which have easy cleaning surfaces with good aesthetic features. These tiles are also resistant to stains and scratches and can be colour co-ordinated with Granito Optima for both interior and exterior applications.