Granito glazed tiles from Australian Building Ceramics are available in a variety of finishes such as matt, gloss and ripple decorative finishes. A hammer edge detail is also available with these porcelain glazed tiles. Granito glazed tiles can be used to complement the wide range of Granito porcelain tiles. These porcelain glazed tiles can be colour co-ordinated for interior applications such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

Granito Tactiles from Australian Building Ceramics are available in two types such as directional and hazard - designed Tactiles. Directional Tactiles have a raised strip which provides a safe direction to follow whereas the hazard Tactiles warn about the change of direction or impending dangers. These Tactiles are useful for vision-impaired persons.

Granito glass tiles and mosaics from Australian Building Ceramics are mesh backed and sheeted mosaic tiles which are easy to handle and install. Multi coloured glass mosaics are also available in a variety of combinations.

Polished and Tumbled marble mosaics from Australian Building Ceramics provide a natural wall finish and feature colour and vein marble variations. These marble mosaics are available in a wide variety of colours and shade combinations.

Granito Coves are porcelain tile accessories from Australian Building Ceramics which are used to complete a tiled floor. These coves provide a joinless wall to floor junction for efficient cleaning and protection. The Granito Coves can be co-ordinated with Granito Oasis and Optima colours.