The Australian Brick and Blocklaying Training Foundation (ABBTF) website is proving to be a valuable resource for people looking for an apprenticeship in bricklaying as well as employers looking for apprentices.

Geoff Noble, General Manager, ABBTF, says that visits to the website are increasing at a fast rate each month as more people, involved in the construction industry, discover its benefits.

ABBTF have news from around Australia through each state’s newsletter, success stories where bricklaying apprentices have gone onto leadership careers in the industry as well as awards won for brick and blocklaying.

The job of a bricklayer is described in detail and there is a question and answer section which is helpful for young people and their parents looking for more information about a career in bricklaying.

Women are also making their mark in bricklaying and there is a story on the website about a female bricklayer/trainer.

Substantial employer incentives available from the ABBTF as well as incentive programmes for apprentices can be found in each state section on the site showing there is plenty of help to get started in bricklaying.

The state newsletters show how ABBTF’s training programmes pave the way for a bricklaying career. These include the step out programmes which enable Year 10 high school students to have a go at building a school project, in brick, under the watchful eye of an experienced trainer.

ABBTF are also attending Careers Expos where they have what they call Try-a-Trade sessions where visitors to their stands can try bricklaying. These programmes are popular and many young people have started in bricklaying as a result. The programmes are listed on the site.

The information is there day or night and can be accessed anytime. It is a useful resource for career seekers and anyone interested in bricklaying and anything associated with it.