The security systems offered by Australian Auto Gates are also categorised in the boom, cable and remote categories. Some of the products available under the boom category are VIR-50 Medium Duty Boom Gate Operating Kit 19, BGV-60 Heavy Duty Boom Gate Operating Kit 20, BGV 60 and VIR 50.

The VIR-50 Medium Duty Boom Gate Operating Kit 19 is a fan cooled boom gate that can provide up to 600 operations per day. This product is suitable for right and left hand controllers. The BGV 60 is an Electro-mechanical road barrier for heavy traffic. It comes with a twelve second opening for bars up to 6.0 metres.

The cable gate provides quick and convenient operation for authorised vehicles. Ideal for use in a wide range of locations and applications, the cable gate is safe to operate and maintain,

There are remotes of various types for commercial and domestic use available at Australian Auto Gates. Some of the product names are FMT-202DA, FMT-302, MITTO 4, MITTO 2 and FMT-102A. The FMT-102A: 2-channel remote control transmitter is used for remote control applications where the code switch number 10 is used to address two channels.

MITTO 4 is a four-channel transmitter with a 433mhz quad channel rolling-code coding, and MITTO 2 is the same as MITTO 4, except that its has a double-channel transmitter with rolling-code coding.