Australian Assembly Company  has a recommended approach for kitchen installation services which saves the time and money of the customer. The approach in the first step asks the customer to accurately measure the kitchen space where the installation is to be done, secondly it tells the customer to go to nearest IKEA store to design the kitchen.

In the next step Australian Assembly Company, through its co-worker, helps the customer to select the quantity and type of units which they wish to purchase. Then Australian Assembly Company provides the customer with its price estimator which tells the customer that how much the installation would cost.

Once the customer has the design he has to book a pre installation survey with Australian Assembly Company through which the company will give a firm and fixed quote regarding the full installation to customer. After the survey has been done with, the customer has to confirm Australian Assembly Company that they wish the installation to be done.

After this the project manager of Australian Assembly Company plans the purchase of kitchen, its delivery with the customer and arranges a schedule for the installation. Once the above mentioned procedure gets over then the customer can buy their kitchen safe from IKEA store for a hassle-free kitchen installation.