Australian Art Link  specialises in providing professional art consulting services for residential and corporate markets. Australian Art Link constantly updates its resources and improves information exchange to potential markets. Australian Art Link has successfully completed a number of projects ranging from commissioning of site specific large scale artwork through to provision of artwork for corporate offices, health care, hospitality projects, apartments and private residences.

Julia Weisz and Megan Gervay, principals of Australian Art Link, develop and deliver creative, innovative and effective artwork solutions for designed environments. The Australian Art Link supports and promotes Australian artists across a wide range of artistic disciplines.

Australian Art Link specialises in all areas of artistic discipline which includes paintings, prints, sculpture, studio glass and ceramics and portraiture. Australian Art Link uses artists who are able to deliver quality results. In addition to providing paintings, prints, sculpture, studio glass and ceramics and portraiture, Australian Art Link also offers framing services, installation, curatorial services and leasing.

Australian Art Link has completed a number of projects which includes timber wall installation using original historic utilitarian objects, mosaic wall installation and painting, to name a few.