Australian Architectural Hardwoods  supply treated hardwood species which include Blackbut, Blue Gum, Spotted Gum, Tallow wood, Brush box, Ironbark, white mahogany, red mahogany, karri and Jarrah.

Blackbutt is available from creamy bond colour to pale and medium brown shades. Blue Gum comes in dark pink to red brown which looks like Jarrah. Spotted Gum has a variety of honey green to grey brown in shades and with purple streaks.

Tallowwood is in yellowish brown and sometimes with a tinge of olive green. Brushbox is available in pinkish brown to rich reddish grey. It is a hardwearing timber with short grain.This product does not have gum veins or borers. Ironbark is available in pink share to dark red or even dark chocolate brown. It is very dense and strong.

White mahogany is similar to tallowwood and blackbutt. Kari comes in similar colour to jarrah and slightly pale in shade. Jarrah is rich in red or even dark chocolate brown.

Seasoned timbers used in hardwoods have many advantages like it is highly stable, available in long lengths, accurately dimensioned in both square and straight, environment friendly, wide variety of surface finishes and high rating in strength.