Australian Architectural Hardwoods ' floorboards are milled exclusively from recycled timbers. This ensures that the floorboards have stability, unique characteristics and excellent environmental credentials. Boards are milled to individual specifications.

There are eight different species of floorboard wood to choose from: Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Blue Gum, Tallowwood, Brushbox Iron Bark, Jarrah and Karri.

Recycled timber floorboards can be prepared to individual specifications. Some of Australian Architectural Hardwoods' regular requests include: 26mm (or even thicker) for laying on wide joist spacings. 18-22mm to be nailed or screwed to joists. 12mm to be fixed to ply or particleboard with polyurethane based glue.

Recycled timber floorboards range from very narrow through to extreme widths of up to 320mm.

Reversible tongue and groove is an optional choice on which side is the most desirable (e.g., aged one side, clean on the reverse). Anti buckle grooves release stress in the board that may cause a tendency to cup in some situations.

Offset tongue and groove offers greater sanding life. The secret nail feature is a profile that does not require top fixing such as nails or screws. This profile is non-reversible and generally only recommended for boards of 100mm wide or less.