Australian Architectural Hardwoods  produce wide range of products from recycled hardwoods. Managing Director and founder of Australian Architectural Hardwoods is a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and has wide experience in building construction. He suitably qualified for any practical and expert advice to the industry.

Australian Architectural Hardwoods has well experienced staff for milling quality hardwood. Quality control is strictly followed to ensure job satisfaction in the areas of dimensioning, surface finish, moisture content and straightness.

Located in Australia, Australian Architectural Hardwoods collect hardwoods from demolition sites of buildings, army barracks and old wool stores and seasoning of the wood is done before production.

Kempsey is an old timber town where treating of these woods is done and the bolts and nails are removed before the timber is passed through metal detector to make sure no metal part is inside. After this process grading is done on wood and drying process starts.

Hundred percent recycled and fully seasoned timbers are used for manufacturing range of products by Australian Architectural Hardwoods. North Coast hardwoods are the best available in the world and Australian Architectural Hardwoods specialise in this quality woods.