Australia Tools  supplies a wide range of cutting tools and fastening tools to the Australian market. Australia Tools provides Tersa knives and the Tersa R2000 cutter head.

Tersa knives are used to give wood a perfect finish in a fraction of the time. Tersa is a good solution for finishing on wood moulding machines, planing machines and thicknessing machines. Tersa knives are double-sided.

  • Knife changes can be done in seconds while still on the machine without any technical skills
  • Knives are clamped by centrifugal force and gib wedges - no time consuming screws
  • No knife adjustment is needed, the Tersa cutter head maintains a constant cutting circle
  • Easy maintenance
  • Lower power consumption
  • Low operation noise
  • Useable on all machine types
  • No final sanding needed

The Tersa R2000 permits higher RPM and consequently increased feed and improved cutting quality.

The Tersa R2000’s design offers better performance and increased productivity on all machine types.

Tersa knives are mounted in the planing head without screws or keys and fixed in position using centrifugal self adjustment so you do not have to waste time setting up. Tersa knives are available in HSS and carbide.

You can order Tersa knives in a vast range of lengths direct from the Australia Tools website.

Any Tersa knife length can be provided. If you would like a knife length that is not listed you can email Australia Tools and it will send it to you.

If your machine does not already have a Tersa cutter head (block) Australia Tools can make a cutter head to fit your machine. You can email Australia Tools and let it know machine you have and the exact dimensions of the block that is already fitted.