Australia Green  have announced their first call for exhibitors for their Australia Green 2010, Green Build, Design and Technology show.

Australia Green 2010 sponsorship will include the following benefits:

  • Affiliation to the Australia Green brand and associated special features
  • Exposure through advertising across Australia in various media partners publications
  • Exposure through professional email and internet campaigns created by Australia Green, pre show and after the event.
  • A springboard for marketing and public relations exposure
  • Demonstration of product attributes
  • Cost effective and measurable marketing outcomes
  • Creative and sophisticated joint leveraging opportunities that incorporate substantial promotional, media and PR campaigns
  • High impact media and show recognition
  • Logo and brand enforcement
  • Access to specific target markets
  • Corporate/ brand image creation/ enhancement
  • Merchandising opportunities
  • Sales generation
  • Complimentary exhibition space
  • Complimentary conference and workshop sessions