Australia Green  have announced their first call for exhibitors for their Australia Green 2010 Exhibition.

Australia's premier Green Building, Design and Technology show will be co located with GreenBuild Australia, 100% Green by Design and GreenTECH events.

Following are the special features of Australia Green 2010 Exhibition:

  • Eco House of the Future
  • Builders earn CPD points
  • My Big Green Idea
  • SRD Change 09
  • Australian Green Student Design Showcase
  • Australia Green Short Film Festival
  • Australia Green Evolution Awards
No other media can deliver such effective and dynamic marketing results as much as exhibitions can. Exhibitions attract targeted buyers and decision makers.

The 4th National Green Build, Design and Technology show is a chance to reach thousands of potential customers at one time, and in one place.

An exhibitor at the Australia Green 2010 Exhibition can achieve:

  • Gain new sales leads: Conference delegates are a focused group of people with strong business interest in the event that they are attending. By exhibiting the exhibitors can impact on these buyers and grow their sales. Contacts generated at conferences have a high conversion rate.
  • Launch new products or services: Exhibitors can draw attention to their products and brand by using the conference as a launch pad for new developments, products or services. With delegates and the media in attendance, new stories of interest always create a buzz.
  • Enter new markets: Exhibiting is one of the most cost and time effective ways of entering new markets. It is a great opportunity to research and network while gaining exposure to a new qualified database.
  • Building customer loyalty: Face to face contact at conferences and continued support of a market helps to develop loyalty as well as cements the exhibitor’s position as a continued presence.
  • Position company brand: Being seen at industry event establishes the company in the eyes of the delegate as a strong brand and creates an image of the company’s abilities and strength. Showing the company at high level events creates valuable impression as an industry leader.
  • Building relations with the media: Many events are run with the support of trade press and industry journalists. Opportunities for editorial coverage and developing better relations can be crucial to the company’s success. Associations also play a strong part which may also offer networking opportunities and free publicity .
  • Finding new distributors and agents: Delegates are often retailers and are looking for exciting new opportunities and companies to represent. Showing the brands in a conference environment can catch their eye.