Australasian Stairlifts  also offers full vertical platform lifts that are screw-driven and safe. These can be installed within 3-4 days and no separate machinery room or exclusive shaft is required. These vertical platform lifts can be directly placed on the floor and do not need a lift pit.  

These lifts from Australasian Stairlifts are delivered with an insulated shaft which is prefabricated and made of tightened laminated safety glass panels or steel panels. They have easy-to-use push buttons, alarm button, emergency stop button, an emergency light and easy to read text. They also have a speed of nine metres per minute and can travel up to six landings.  

Further, the vertical platform lifts offered by Australasian Stairlifts have a single entry door. The low rise vertical lifts can travel up to 1 metre and have a self-closing door on the upper level. The gate can be glazed or finished as per the requirement. These have a perimeter safety edge that brings the lift to a halt when touched. These also have a tough handrail and a slip resistant surface. The wheelchair platform lift can be easily mounted to wall or floor. The wheelchair platform lift is fully automatic and it folds easily when not being used, leaving the wide space for pedestrians.  

Bison’s curved 80 lifts provide comfortable ride along with a beautiful finished rail and can accommodate all curved staircases. The Acorn outdoor stairlifts are made in aluminium. They are either zinc plated or oil annealed before a powder coating. Their colour does not fade away because they are heat and UV resistant. These are even suitable to live in beach homes because these are protected from the damages if salt air.