Australasian Fire Services  manufactures lighting systems that are ideal for application. Australasian Fire Services also facilitates its customers through testing these equipments. The testing procedure starts from segregating 240V mains power from the emergency lights and exit signs. The procedure goes on for 90 minutes in order to check the emergency back-up battery.

Australasian Fire Services also maintains fire equipment systems where it offers the products as per the requirement of the customers. However, if the customer desires a monthly inspection, it offers fire rated door-sets. However, exit doors are offered if the inspection is desired after every 3 months. In case the inspection is required twice a year fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire hose reels and fire hydrants like exit signs and emergency lighting are offered.

Australasian Fire Services has a team of qualified personnel who visit customers from time to time as and when the scheduled maintenance is due and required. The company provides on-spot demonstration regarding the usage of the equipments. Australasian Fire Services also offers building and construction advice.  The company maintains a bush fire threat assessment and maintenance system that reports and serves to maintain customers’ development applications. This also provides detailed graphs, photos or maps in its reports.