Australasian Fire Services  offers a comprehensive range of bush fire products. There is a fire pump package which comes with an Aussie pump with a 5.5 HP petrol Honda, a 2 inch inlet, 2 x 1 inch, 1 x 1.5 inch outlets and a 4 metre suction hose. The hose can be made available with fittings and strainer and there are ball valves coupled with 1 x 30 meter 1 inch fire hose.  

This fire pump package is also available with 1 x 30 metre 1.5 inch fire hose. This package can also be obtained with 1 x 1 inch aluminium fire nozzle or 1 x 1.5 inch brass fire nozzle. Oil and petrol is also included in the complete package available in the market and come with a delivery and demonstration facility.                                                           

The company also offers some more fire and emergency related products like flashing lights, sirens, fire rescue tools, fire fighting hose, foam products, etc. Fire gloves, fire hose reels, gutter plugs, knapsacks, fire hose, fire helmets, fire hoods and fire overalls are also offered by Australasian Fire Services.  

Australasian Fire Services also offers water spray system which protects assets from sparks or ashes, flames and heat. This further protects from wild fire as and when required. Australasian Fire Services has over 30 years experience in the industry of fire protection.