Australasian Concrete Services  offers various water sealing solutions. One such product is Adeka Ultra Seal.

Adeka Ultra Seal products are primarily water-swelling sealing materials. These are rubber type sealing materials. Adeka ultra seal products contain a natural rubber which is specially amended and swells up completely when contacted with water. It works like a double locking action and thus, fills any gaps.

These ultra seal products are manufactured in such a way that they absorb resins that sustain even when engrossed with water. These ultra seal products are valuable and efficient in water-swelling and are used in sheet pile joints, piping surrounds, construction joints, pressure plates, round separators and in other applications. Some of the waterstop products produced by Adeka are Adeka ultra seal MC and Adeka ultra seal P-201. Adeka ultra seal MC is used in construction joints. It stops blowouts allowing a less edge cover for joints. It reduces longitudinal expansion because of a stainless steel plait.

Adeka Ultra Seal P-201 is used in construction and has a viscosity of 6000 (77? F). Some more waterstop products by Adeka are Adeka ultra seal A-30 (hardener) and Adeka ultra seal A-50 which are the sealants for sheet pile interlocks. Adeka ultra seal A-50 has a high water-swelling ratio, does not take much time and gets saturated.

In Sho-Bond BICS, the job of low-speed and low-pressure injection is assigned to the pressure which is created by the contraction of rubber tube. A patent tool is used in execution which is known as BL- injector combined with BL-grout based on injection material. This is an epoxy resin. Sho-Bond BICS is useful in factories, plants, under passes, breakwaters, etc.