Austral Precast has recently launched its new prefabricated, engineered brick precast panels that comprise the Vitesse system, which is the first of its kind in Australia.

The precast panels enable buildings to be erected with the speed and ease of precast construction, while at the same time they retains the aesthetic appeal and durability of bricks.

The precast panels are comprised of full bricks rather than brick facings, which are made by Austral Bricks.

The precast panels combine all of the qualities of genuine bricks, including their strength, visual charm and low maintenance, with precast construction technology.

The precast panels are a single skin, 125mm thick panel with load- bearing capability.

Like all precast panels, those used in the Vitesse brick panel system are manufactured off-site under controlled conditions to minimise waste and maximise quality.

The precast panels can effectively reduce construction time, which results in lower holding costs and interest payments, minimises wastage, and there is no requirement for wet trades.

Importantly, the precast panels deliver improved building quality. The Vitesse system is cyclone, fire and flood resistant, and offers a complete walling solution.

The precast panels are available in 8 different colours, including 4 dry pressed.

Furthermore, the company can manufacture custom orders from the existing Austral Bricks product range. 

The precast panels have undergone rigorous testing. Compressive strength, lateral and racking loads, flexural strength, thermal performance and fire resistance are all qualities that have been tested by the company.

The brick panel system has already been used on various projects, including a new Dan Murphy’s store in Katoomba.