Austral Precast has introduced an exciting range of architecturally-striking, factory-applied finishes for precast concrete panels. The new precast concrete finishing solutions available in the PermaTech range are offered as a long-lasting alternative to onsite painting of precast elements.

The PermaTech range is available in a choice of three innovative finishes including PermaTint, PermaForm and PermaGraf. The three solutions are supplied prefinished for fast installation.


The PermaTint system penetrates the substrate producing a deep, long-lasting colour finish guaranteed by Austral Precast for an industry-leading 25 years. PermaTint’s thin surface film is also highly resistant to UV, extreme weather, mould and mildew.


PermaForm is a proven and cost-effective means of building dimension into the precast concrete surface. Recommended for owners, specifiers and developers seeking added depth and creative flexibility with their concrete panels, PermaForm is also available in a new photo engraved option, wherein a computerised system converts colour images into 256 scales of grey. The shade and shadow effect will add extra depth to the concrete artwork.


The PermaGraf system transfers artistic or photographic images onto a concrete surface, helping designers create photo-realistic imagery by using a concrete retarder to prevent concrete curing in the applied areas. This uncured concrete is then cleaned off once the remainder of the panel has cured revealing the graphic design beneath. The surface can be patterned, smooth or exposed and promises to leave a lasting impression.

Brett Ward, General Manager Marketing at Brickworks Building Products explains that the new Austral Precast factory-applied concrete finishes replace the conventional method of coating grey concrete panels onsite, eliminating the hassle and cost of using a traditional paint system.