Austral Monsoon Enterprises  specialises in offering truck shutters and doors. The truck shutters from Austral Monsoon Enterprises is ideal for special purpose vehicle market. Austral Monsoon Enterprises offers roll up doors and roller shutters for truck and special purpose vehicle market.

The truck doors from Austral Monsoon Enterprises offers versatile solutions to problems like storage areas, pay loads and access to compartments. Each truck door is provided with free design services by Austral Monsoon Enterprises. Different types of truck shutters are offered by Austral Monsoon Enterprises such as 2RF and 2RS, 1EA, 2EA, 2EA sealed, 2EA box section and dry freight doors.

2RF and 2RS truck shutter types are designed for low cost truck doors and it provide adequate security for metropolitan delivery vans. The 1EA truck shutters from Austral Mosoon Enterprises is ideal for small openings on special purpose vehicles. The 2EA shutters come with flat curtain and it is ideal for vehicles. Replacement parts are provided with roller shutters by Austral Monsoon Enterprises.

The 2EA box section shutters from Austral Monsoon Enterprises is ideal for jam free operations and it is used in service vehicles, fire brigade trucks and emergency vehicles. 4EA truck shutters are ideal for large opening sizes and come with flat finishes.