Austral Masonry has launched two new retaining wall systems - Cornerstone 100 and MagnumStone. The introduction of these retaining walls extends Austral Masonry’s offering to nine retaining wall solutions for any size wall.


This is a wet-cast segmental retaining wall system featuring a large hollow core. Its segments measure 1200mm (w) x 610mm (h) x 610mm (d) and its design offers exceptional environmental and economical advantages.

Because of its versatile size, MagnumStone offers complete design flexibility, making it ideal for almost any retaining wall project from residential to large commercial installations.

The large blocks enable gravity walls to be built up to 2.6m high as a single skin, and 4.8m high as a double skin in good soils, with no loading. This makes them ideal for use in boundary applications where crib-walls would generally benefit.

As soil reinforced walls, the maximum height is limited only by the designer’s imagination, with walls being able to be erected higher than 20m high.

Cornerstone 100

This vertical retaining wall system was developed with the installer in mind. Its durable high shear strength concrete SecureLugs fit neatly into the hollow cores of the lower units, allowing significant lateral movement without using unit to unit interlock. This helps to significantly speed up installation time.

Curved walls and straight walls are a breeze with Cornerstone 100 as the tapered sides have removable wings, ensuring accuracy. The hollow core also makes it easy to saw cut and add creative features such as special lighting or placement of fence posts.

Additionally, this lightweight retaining wall system can cost considerably less than conventional cast in place concrete walls or traditional masonry systems and also help to save on labour and handling costs.

Ideal for use a soil reinforced wall in large commercial and residential applications up to 16m tall, Cornerstone 100 units combine durability, flexibility and ease of installation for gravity and soil reinforced walls. They are also ideal for creating curves, steps and terraced walls.

The gravel lock provides high shear resistance and excellent connection strength to geosynthetics. The Cornerstone Positive and friction connection may be used in the same wall, providing the contractor savings in time and money.   

Both of these retaining wall systems can be supplied throughout the east coast of Australia and are delivered with all necessary accessories such as corner blocks and capping tiles.

Austral Masonry is committed to providing complete technical and construction information to installers and engineers, to ensure the successful completion of any retaining wall project.

As a result of investing in the research and development of retaining wall systems, Austral Masonry is able to deliver robust gravity and soil reinforced retaining wall solutions for the construction industry.

More information Austral Masonry’s retaining wall range is available from the company’s website.