The GB Masonry Collection of honed concrete blocks available from Austral Masonry adds class and style to traditional masonry. 

The GB Honed range of masonry blocks is suitable for creating cutting-edge aesthetics in commercial and residential projects alike. Like all masonry products, the GB Honed range offers excellent thermal performance, sound insulation, low maintenance, and weather and termite resistance among many functional benefits, and is a low embodied energy product.

The GB Honed range of concrete blocks reveals the smooth face of the masonry block thanks to a fine honing process, which produces a sleek finish with a natural colour and texture.
The subtle beauty of the masonry block is unveiled with the honing process exposing the natural aggregate surface to create a natural smooth finish, ideal for use in composite facades and modern architectural styles. 

Unlike many masonry businesses that exclusively use mechanised honing, GB Masonry continues the master block maker’s craft, using a combination of mechanised and manual honing processes to achieve the desired finish.

Austral Masonry’s GB Honed range of masonry blocks is available in sizes such as 390mm x 190mm x 90mm, 190mm x 190mm x 90mm and 90mm x 190mm x 90mm, and can be combined with finishes from other ranges in the GB Masonry Collection to offer architects and designers a broad creative scope. 

Ideal for a range of projects from a modern beach residence to impressive commercial projects, Austral Masonry‘s GB Masonry Collection has an array of premium products to suit any style. 

Created through the union of a number of key concrete masonry manufacturers across the east coast of Australia, Austral Masonry is part of the Brickworks Building Products group, which includes famous brands such as Austral Bricks, Auswest Timber, Bristile Roofing and Austral Precast.