The Yarra Ridge Classic is an all-metal lock for aluminium sliding doors from Austral Lock . Once the doors are closed, the twin beans are operated by key or lever to engage the catch plate.

The security door lock cylinder is set to 37mm from door-jamb when the door is closed, giving increased knuckle clearance.

The twin counteracting beaks of the door locks engage an all-metal catch plate, providing resistance to jemmying and restraining the door against being lifted from its doors.

The self-adjusting catch plate automatically compensates for building movement and door carriage wear, to ensure correct latching after continued use.

An anti-slam plunger for the door locks prevent the doors being shut with beaks extended, avoiding damage to beaks and catch plates.

A range of outer pull designs are available for various applications and the Yarra Ridge classic fits into industry-standard three-hole door cutouts (three 9mm diameter holes). They also fit wide ranges of door stile thicknesses from 21.3mm to 46.4mm.

The Yarra Ridge classic suits left-closing and right-closing doors (lock is not handed).