Available now from Austral Lock Industries , the Australian designed and manufactured Sorrento MK2 is a reliable backset mortice lock for aluminium framed doors.

Featuring a new and improved design, these 30mm backset mortice locks are now easier to fit to a wider range of doors without any door-gap issues.

The Sorrento MK2 has a beveled latch bolt that when locked is extended further into the strike plate. These backset mortice locks also feature an interior snib lever for quick and convenient locking without the need for a key.

With tough nylon slides on the lock bolt, the Sorrento MK2 is not only quiet with a smooth closing action, but also kind to the edge of the door jamb.

The safety of the occupants of the home is also of the utmost importance when it comes to the Sorrento MK2 backset mortice lock. Two-stage key locking allows the partial rotation of the key in the exterior cylinder. This will lock the snib inside, however those inside will still be able to use the snib lever to unlock the door. A full rotation of the key from the outside will deadlock the door completely, however a quick lever reversal is possible by loosening a single screw.

A steel cased lock body provides the Sorrento MK2 backset mortice lock with increased strength, and it may also be connected to a multipoint kit to provide remote locking and door seal compression.