Austral Lock Industries  brings peace of mind to front door security with its Caretaker lock technology. This patented Caretaker technology changes the face of front door security by reducing the risk of being locked in.

The Caretaker is a one way locking system that allows a security door to be snib-locked from the outside by a Caretaker key. The Caretaker key locks the door, but can not unlock the door.
When the locking systems is engaged it activates a three-point locking system, but from the inside the door snib can be simply flicked to unlock the door, while conventional keys deadlock the snib until unlocked with a door key. This feature stops unauthorised entry and makes it easy to exit the property.

These innovative lock systems provide peace of mind the instant one leaves the house, even when in a hurry, and ensures the house is secure from intruders.

Mr Peter Black, Product Manager for Austral Lock said, “Security is an essential safeguard to our home and possessions, and therefore it is important not to overlook certain aspects of personal safety when securing your home. Homeowners need to consider the dangers of if you deadlock your security doors while you are inside the house, as it means you will need to find a key to be able to exit.

“Most security door locks include a snib lever on the interior mechanism that allows the door to be locked and unlocked from the inside without a key. This is ideal for when you are inside the house as you are safe but can also exit easily. This Caretaker technology is featured in Austral Lock’s popular Elegance XC and Ultimate XC ranges,” he added.