Austral Clothes Hoists (SA/NT)  produces mail boxes, letter boxes and post boxes. Mailboxes are produced in various types and are also known as post boxes.

Letter boxes from Austral Clothes Hoists (SA/NT) are produced in five different varieties by Austral Clothes Hoists (SA/NT) These varieties include Classic mail boxes, Home mail boxes, Banked/Commercial mail boxes, Grange letter boxes and Manor post boxes. These post boxes are available in modern styles, are long lasting and give value for money.

Mail boxes produced by Austral Clothes Hoists (SA/NT) are available in various specifications. They are aluminium made, have front and rear openings and are specially designed to keep the letters remain dry. Post boxes are made up of combination of aluminium sheets, aluminium extrusions together with fixing of stainless steel and this helps to keep these post boxes rust resistant and strong.

Mail boxes are available in different sizes and configurations. Post boxes can be accessed from either front or rear. Magazines and standard A4 size envelopes can be easily accommodated under these post boxes. Mail boxes are available in a variety of powder-coated colours. These letter boxes can be post mounted, can be bolted on a wall or can be recessed in to structural cavity or in to wall.