Austral Clothes Hoists (SA/NT)  manufactures rotary hoists and fold away rotary hoists. Rotary hoists and fold away rotary hoists are available in different colour and specifications which suits every one’s need. Though rotary hoists are made in traditional style, there are modern features too.

Rotary hoists from Austral Clothes Hoists (SA/NT) are available under two brand names namely Austral elite-4 and austral super. Both these brands are very attractive and long lasting. Austral elite-4 is made up of galvanised tube which is supposed to be long lasting. Austral elite-4 offers forty metres of line space which can be regarded as enough for a family.

Austral elite-4 can be trimmed down in case of compact spaces. Austral elite-4 has different other features also which include breeze brake. Another model of rotary hoists is the Austral super. Austral super is fully galvanised and this makes it long lasting. Austral super requires very less maintenance.

Another product of Austral Clothes Hoists (SA/NT) is the fold away rotary hoists. The fold away rotary hoists are also available in two variants. These include Austral fold away 51 and Austral fold away 45. Austral fold away 51 offers large space of 51 metres which is enough for even a very big family. It has many features which include breeze brake, can be lifted, have coat hanger hooks, etc. Austral fold away 45 has line space of 45 metres. Austral fold away 45 is suitable to those who have less garden space and want the features of rotary hoists.