Austral Clothes Hoists (SA/NT)  is one of the leading manufacturers of different types of hoists and clothes lines. The products of Austral Clothes Hoists (SA/NT) can be grouped under various categories such as retractable clothes lines, fold down clothes lines, rotary hoists and fold away rotary hoists. Austral Clothes Hoists (SA/NT) manufactures retractable clothes lines by the name Austral Retractaway 40. Retractaway 40’s lines can be easily winded back in to the cabinet. These clothes lines can be easily put in to the garden on wash days and then can be removed leaving free space.

Retractaway 40 can be installed for long distance applications. The maximum distance for the Retractaway 40 is eight metres. The clothes hung on these Retractaway 40s do not get marks or snag because of the PVC coating on the lines. Retractaway 40s can be installed from wall to post, post to post, post to wall and wall to wall. Retractaway 40 is available in colours beige and heritage green and is ideal for one to six people.

Austral Clothes Hoists (SA/NT) also manufactures flow down clothes lines. These are very easy to use. They can be blended anywhere and are made up of galvanized steel which protect it from weather. The flow down clothes lines is also available in beige and heritage green. Flow down clothes lines are available in different sizes ranging from fourteen to thirty three metres.