Austral Bricks is a member of Think Brick Australia which aims to promote the special environmental benefits of bricks. Recent research by The University of Newcastle backs up its claims, showing that bricks are one of the most environmentally sound and efficient building materials for controlling temperatures in Australian homes.

The research project involved the construction of four full size test buildings in cavity brick, brick veneer, lightweight and reverse brick veneer that were then carefully monitored, demonstrating that the thermal mass qualities of bricks, in conjunction with passive design, can help to level out internal building temperatures even in extreme climates.

The study found that thanks to the high amount of thermal mass of clay bricks the sun’s heat took longer to heat up home interiors than other materials because the bricks were able to absorb, retain and release heat energy. Due to these properties brick homes have less need for mechanical heating and cooling; resulting in lower levels of energy consumption and therefore gas emissions and bills.

The research also showed that whilst high density clay bricks do not perform favourably in R-Value testing, when assessed on thermal capacitance they outperform lightweight building alternatives. Importantly this research confirms that whilst insulated lightweight walls reduce the amplitude of heat entering buildings, they lack any thermal lag time, unlike cavity brick walls which delay the maximum temperature until the evening.

Brett Ward, General Manager - Marketing at Austral Bricks, said, “The design and construction of an energy efficient house has the potential to substantially reduce energy consumption, and this study confirms the role of clay masonry in architecturally sustainable design.

Austral Brick’s clay brick range is best suited to Australia’s climate and extreme weather patterns. Benefits of using Austral’s clay bricks for the construction of homes include:

  • evens out temperature swings during the heat of summer and cold of winter;
  • reduces reliance on artificial cooling and heating throughout the year;
  • provides greater comfort for building occupants;
  • reduces energy bills and carbon footprint of the building;
  • 100 per cent recyclable material;
  • non-combustible, therefore ideal for construction in bushfire prone areas;
  • pest proof;
  • cost effective building material;
  • durable, age-proof and weatherproof;
  • does not require repairs or maintenance;
  • blends easily with existing buildings when extending; and
  • offers endless potential for sculpturing and intricate detailing.
Austral Bricks’ collection bricks are kiln fired and made from naturally occurring clay.  The bricks are available in an extensive range of contemporary designs, colours, shapes and textures, to suit the construction of all styles of homes.