When Yasir and Esta Georgees were building their Sydney home they knew that it had to be in full brick. Having lived in a full brick home before they were well aware of the advantages a solid brick home offers.  

“My parents, who now live in the home, love the full brick benefits. It’s lovely and cool in summer and even though the house has air conditioning it is very rarely used. People say ‘gee it’s hot outside but it’s lovely inside’.  

“The full brick walls together with the concrete slabs are really effective in summer. In winter the home also needs very little heating when it is cold outside.” said Yasir.  

“The house is strong and solid which gives a good feeling of security. In my opinion it is also a good investment although my parents are very happy there.” he continued.  

The Georgees home is full brick on all three floors including the basement level. The internal brick walls have been finished in plasterboard giving a smooth, modern finish.  

A manual detailing the eight advantages of full brick is available from Austral Bricks display centres.