Austral Bricks  is a supplier of innovative retaining walls from GB Masonry. So much time, money and effort is spent on building and designing a dream home – but often little thought is given to the all important finishing touches such as retaining walls and garden edging.

Eve Castle, QLD marketing manager, says the design of retaining walls have undergone a revamp in recent years with the range of colours, styles and products available from GB Masonry.

There is a vast range of GB Masonry products that will help to achieve the desired look, with individual flair.

Eve Castle says, sleepers, which are prone to rotting – ultimately needing replacing, attract white ants to the home and leach chemicals into the soil that may harm your family’s health. GB Masonry reconstructed sandstone products are durable and free of nasty chemicals such as pesticides.

Apart from modern design options, homeowners can expect good durability from a GB Masonry retaining wall product.

Eve also said further adding to the quality, a high percentage of sand is added to the mix creating a close replica to sandstone that is more durable and affordable.

The recent innovation to come from GB Masonry is Gardenstone. Suitable for DIY retaining walls and garden edging, there is no need for concrete – making installation even easier.

Lending itself perfectly to straight or curved walls, Gardenstone is available in four sandstone colours – Brisbane Blend, Sydney Blend, Limestone and sandstone – at 240 mm L x 190 mm W x 120 mm H.

Norfolk blocks, the big brother of Gardenstone, is suitable for wall heights up to 1.6 metres. Sized 390 mm L x 190 mm W x 180 mm H, Norfolk is available in the same four sandstone colours as Gardenstone.

For walls over one metre high and low walls carrying car traffic, it is necessary to have engineering advice in order to comply with council requirements. GB Masonry has guides on Norfolk available for contractors, with staff available for consultation of projects.

A large and versatile retaining wall system, Tasman blocks are 39 mm L x 245 mm W x 200 mm H. Suited for walls up to six metres high (again engineering advice and council approval is needed), Tasman is favoured by many developers seeking a classy and refined retaining wall in an urban environment.

Purpose made corner and capping units further enhances the sandstone look and quality finish of the Tasman range. The four sandstone colours of Brisbane Blend, Sydney Blend, Limestone and Sandstone are reminiscent of Australia’s sandy beaches – working well in a variety of environments from contemporary costal to colonial homestead.

Further enhancing the appeal and ease of installation for these three outstanding retaining wall products is the lack of concrete required. Extensive testing by GB Masonry engineers found if installed correctly, these interlocking blocks will never move.

GB Masonry’s Gardenstone, Norfolk and Tasman are available from the factory at Gympie, all Austral Bricks display centres and a large network of resellers throughout Queensland.

Austral Bricks display centres are at Rochedale, Riverview, Chermside, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba Ballina, and Townsville.