“I wouldn’t have it any other way! The colour and texture of the brick from Austral Bricks creates a very fashionable and appealing aesthetic,” said Paul Mirabito.

Like so many Australians, the Mirabito family could not be more happier with their full brick home.

“We knocked down an old, two bedroom weatherboard cottage to build our current home. There was just no way my wife and I, our four kids – Kara, Elise, Michael and Georgia – and the two dogs were going to fit into the old home.

Building their home with Joseph Maakrun Holdings, Paul and wife Tracey chose Austral Bricks' Renovation Gertrudis brown face brick. “I can’t believe it; I imagined something and it has come true. The look is exactly what I dreamt.

“We decided to build in full brick because I love the look, and because of the insulation properties. We may have paid slightly more for full brick construction, but we did choose a high-quality brick,” said Paul.

Further enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their home, the Mirabitos have taken the unique approach of utilising feature walls externally. Leaving the face brick for the majority of the home’s façade, they have rendered and painted selected walls and planter boxes creating a unique street appeal.

Internally, the walls have been lined with plasterboard and painted for a smooth, crisp look.

Paul describes the main benefit of a full brick home as “Definitely the look of a full brick home. It stands out and has a quality appeal.”

The insulation factor is another benefit the Mirabitos have noticed. “We have air-conditioning in the home, but I am surprised by how little we use it. The same can be said for heating the home, it takes very little energy or time to do so.

“All-in-all, it has been a good experience from the showroom to the purchasing of the products and the building of the home.” Paul added.

Now all that is left for the Mirabito family is to enjoy the many life long environmental, economical and lifestyle benefits of their full brick home.