Austral Bricks recently released the new Whitsundays brick range, a collection of premium, pastel-shaded bricks designed to lend a sophisticated, contemporary look to any home.    

The Whitsundays brick range is available in seven colours: Bedarra, Brampton, Bribie, Carlisle, Keswick, Orpheus and Hayman.  

The colours in the Whitsundays brick range were inspired by the natural colour palette found in the Whitsundays, and being made of clay means the Whitsundays brick range is also natural.    

The Whitsundays brick range has organic qualities and is 100 per cent recyclable and suitable for reclaiming and reuse. Even if Whitsundays bricks end up in landfill, they are inert and will not lead to chemical leaching, pollution or groundwater contamination.    

The Whitsundays brick range is one of several new brick designs launched be Austral Bricks, including the new Metallix, Expressions and Principles ranges.