Austral Bricks  has released Lite-Stone a new lightweight alternative to stackstone.

Brett Ward, Brickworks group marketing manager, describes Lite-Stone as a natural and lightweight stone façade. “With a new generation of young homemakers and designers aspiring to achieve an air of sophistication and style to their home or designs, it became apparent that the creation of new façade systems is paramount.

“Lite-Stone is manufactured from thin stone sections achieving a total weight, once installed, of less than 29kg per square metre. This lightweight feature is unmatched by any other comparable natural stone product.

“This minimal weight allows simple adhesive only application by professionals and DIY’ers alike. Due to this innovative, yet simple system, an earthy and contemporary ambience is easily achieved in any home or garden,” said Brett Ward.

The range is made from small slate and quartzite pieces, 400mm x 125mm, ranging between 8 and 15mm thick. A versatile product, Lite-Stone can be fixed to a range of wall linings such as fibre cement, plasterboard sheeting, concrete and cement render finishes and some waterproofing membranes.

Manufactured to a high-quality standard, Lite-Stone is suitable for achieving the resort look or as a feature wall or panel, column cladding and retaining wall facades or any other use you can imagine, adding a timeless yet contemporary character to any project.

Stylish colours such as valley coal, territory slate, tiger sand and calcite blend mix well with contemporary architecture and put the finishing touch to both internal and external architecture in style.

“When you combine Lite-Stone with Austral Bricks colours such as the urban one, elements or colourbrick and others from our range the effects are striking.

“It has added a new dimension to the Austral Bricks range giving architects, builders and homebuyers a new design tool for resort style interpretation.

“Just imagine, for instance, combining plantation shutters for windows with a composite façade of colourbrick or urban one. It is smart and contemporary,” Brett Ward added.