Austral Bricks has launched its new Ceres range of bricks to the Australian market, a range that embraces earthy textures and colours to bring a sense of warmth into the home.

Named and inspired by the Roman Goddess of Agriculture, the Ceres range is available in five rich colours. Each brick measures 230mm x 110mm x 76mm.

Colours available in the range are:
  • soy
  • barley
  • rye
  • clove; and
  • husk.
Commenting on the introduction of the new range, Marketing and Customer Service Manager Penny Ryall explained that "the market has moved beyond the traditional straight edge red brick and is demanding bricks with more of a natural, organic appeal.  The subtle colours in the new Ceres range meet this demand, offering popular neutral tones."

With a unique organic feel and look and showcasing a suite of colours that compliment contemporary trends, the Ceres range is suitable for all applications including residential, commercial and architectural projects.

Austral Bricks is part of the Brickworks Building Products Group.