Austral Bricks  has launched a new colour brochure which invites home buyers and builders to take a fresh look at bricks.

The brochure, aptly titled Take A Fresh Look At Bricks, unveils a whole new perspective to this resilient building material.

According to Brett Ward, Brickworks group marketing manager, it is easy to forget the part bricks have played in the building of our state.

“But, it is the contribution bricks are providing for sustainable housing with their thermal mass and lifetime low maintenance properties that is even more critical.

“And, the new generation Austral Bricks are doing it in style with fresh new, designer colours to inspire exciting, future proof-architecture.

“These include new stars in our range with metallic finishes, monochromatic colours, slim bricks, new building systems such as Terracade and Colourbrick and sandstone replica products,” said Brett Ward.

“The new brochure presents a detailed, easy to read summary of the benefits of Austral Bricks and how they can help Queensland home owners shrink their energy footprint, with passively designed homes, using bricks.

“You can read how bricks will create a quieter living environment by reducing sound transmission, the personal comfort they provide in keeping the home cool in summer and warm in winter and their imperviousness to termites, all ideal for south east Queensland’s sub-tropical climate.

“It’s a great story backed by ongoing research at the University of Newcastle and quotes from leading authorities,” Brett continued.

The new generation Austral Bricks show off their palette of colours and styles in the brochure revealing a whole new way of living with bricks. They blend so effortlessly with glass, steel, timber and stacked stone to create the coastal, composite look so popular in Queensland.

The new brochures are available from any of the company’s display centres located at Rochedale, Riverview, Chermside, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba Ballina, and Townsville.