The New Metallix range, from Austral Bricks , is a face brick designed to standout as a result of its glistening sheen. Bricks have benefits such as longevity, strength, thermal/acoustic insulation and a sense of security and strength.

According to Austral Bricks, the Metallix range of bricks and new ranges such as Expressions and Principles were developed to modernise brick, an age old building material. The Metallix range of bricks is suitable for composite façades and bolder designs.

The Metallix range of bricks is available in four colours such as bronze, nickel, platinum and copper. The colour palette offers a quartz-like effect when the sun hits it. This unique change, depending on lighting combined with the colour selection contrasts well with materials such as metal and glass commonly used in today’s façades.

The Metallix range of bricks is suitable for internal and external uses and is rated for use in coastal environments where the effects of wind borne salt spray can affect other products.