Many home builders are discovering the classic beauty of GB Masonry blocks for homes of distinction, setting new fashions in architecture.

According to Brett Ward, NSW marketing and regional sales manager, the unique range of GB sandstone style masonry is ideal for both exterior and interior use.

“The soft textures of hand carved sandstone will give your home a unique effect with an ever changing aesthetic as the sunlight moves across the textured surface, revealing an incredible array of colours. There is all the character and style you would expect from sandstone and they are laid the same way as bricks or concrete blocks,” said Brett Ward.

“The good news is that, thanks to ground breaking technology, Heritage Masonry is a perfect replica of sandstone and is structurally strong. The masonry complements other building materials such as timber, roof tiles and exciting paint colours, acting as an inspiring backdrop or as an elegant feature.

“We are delighted to be marketing GB Masonry products, an Austral Masonry product, alongside our extensive range of clay bricks to give our customers a wonderful choice of textures, colours and sizes - to create beautiful residences and commercial buildings for the future. We have already had a lot of interest in this classic looking product,” Ward added.

The masonry blocks come in two series - the 200 and the 100 series, which refers to the width of the block. The 200 series consists of sixteen varieties of 390 x 190 x 190mm and the 100 series, with seven variations of 390 x 190 x 190mm and four choices of capping tiles for intricate finishes.

The Rock face blocks named Heritage Sandstone and the Colonial Sandstone range of picture frame blocks are available in four colours – Brisbane Blend, Sydney Blend, Limestone and Endeavour Blend. The Split and Smooth face blocks of the Sandblend Series are available in a choice of eight colours.

Outside the home, Heritage Masonry blocks can be used for various landscaping projects such as retaining walls, edging and paths.

For example, the 200 series is ideal for retaining walls and basements in units, while the 100 series is suited to brick veneer houses, town houses and unit developments.

Masonry blocks are also ideal for new building projects that need to blend with or blend into an existing heritage setting.

“Heritage Masonry products can also be used to create unique and distinct features around the home – such as fireplaces, kitchen benches, bathrooms and entry halls,” Ward continued.

GB Masonry Sandstone Blocks are available from Austral Bricks.