Termites are a fact of life all over Australia, and especially NSW. Most of the state receives a high rating on the CSIRO Termite Hazard Map. An estimated one in five Australian houses will suffer from termite damage, an annual bill estimated at $200m.

Attracted by cellulose, the fibrous component of timber and plant material such as leaves, termites do not want to blunt their teeth on bricks and mortar.

Every house has some timber, but the key to reducing the impact of termite damage is to minimise the amount of structural timber. You can easily replace skirting boards but the same cannot be said for a timber frame.

According to Brett Ward, Austral Bricks marketing & regional manager, a Full Brick house with internal brick walls, between rooms, built on a properly designed concrete slab eliminates structural timbers at the critical ground level.

“It is still necessary to take precautions to protect non-structural timber and high level structural timber such as roof trusses.

“You can sleep soundly in your Full Brick home because the only chomping you will hear is the kids raiding the fridge. Then again, you won’t hear the kids either because of Full Bricks’ soundproofing qualities. There’s no way termites will risk their teeth on solid brick walls – the gold standard in housing,” Brett said.

Altogether, there are eight big advantages of building in Full Brick and Austral Bricks have established a website as well as a Full Brick hotline to provide more information on the benefits of building in Full Brick.

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