These days, people are bombarded by noise; traffic noises, phones ringing, noisy conversations, blaring music. It comes from all directions.

Creating a home environment where the level of noise the occupants are exposed to can be controlled is everyone’s goal and the solution can be as simple as building in full brick.
A passively designed full brick home can offer the safety, protection and privacy desired by the occupants.

Natalie Frendo, Austral Bricks NSW marketing manager explains, "You only have to walk into a full brick home and the first thing you notice is how quiet it is. Even on busy streets the outside traffic noise can barely be heard, while sounds from other rooms are significantly reduced,"

The secret to effective noise reduction is to build insulated, high density cavity walls - or basically, to build in full brick. The high density of bricks can help to block soundwaves from passing through walls and the space between the two layers of brick can act as added insurance, trapping any additional noise within the bubble of air that is formed inside the cavity.
Building in full brick can provide families with a place to escape the onslaught of background noise that people are exposed to on a daily basis.

"When you build with brick, you regain control over your environment. Not only are you protected against noise coming from outside the home – such as traffic from a busy road – and from noise between rooms inside, but you are also building a strong, environmentally friendly house that will last," Natalie Frendo continued.

"Studies have shown that the thermal mass of bricks are best when it comes to keeping houses cooler in summer and warmer in winter. By keeping our heating and cooling requirements to a minimum we can slash our individual carbon footprint - and save money into the bargain.

"Full brick construction also allows you to avoid costly termite invasions as there are no structural elements to eat - so it's a winner all round."

"There are builders who will build your home in full brick and while it may cost more to build, it is a good investment in the future when you consider the reduction in power bills, the extra quiet, comfortable ambience and the increased resale value," Natalie concluded.

Further details about the many additional advantages of building in full brick can be obtained from Austral Bricks display centres.