When building their new home, Yasir and Esta Georgees had no doubt it should be full brick. Having lived in a full brick home before, they were well aware of the many advantages full brick construction offers.

The Georgees’ home is full brick on all three levels, including the basement. The façade of the home is a natural face brick – while internally the walls have been finished in plasterboard giving a smooth, modern finish.

“The house is strong and solid, which provides an inherent feeling of security. It also has a sense of quality and fantastic workmanship.

“I consider the full brick construction a good investment, although we are so happy with the home we have no intentions of moving,” Yasir Georgees said.

As with the majority of people who have a well-designed full brick home that incorporates passive design principles, the Georgees have discovered many positive benefits.

“My parents, who also live in the home, love the full brick benefits. The full brick walls, together with the concrete slab, are fantastic at storing heat throughout the day. This means the home is lovely and cool in summer and warm in winter.

“We often have visitors say ‘gee it’s hot outside but it is lovely and cool in here, or it’s freezing outside but so warm in here.’

“This means we very rarely use the air-conditioner in the summer months and only need minimal heating to keep the home warm in winter. As you can imagine, this is fantastic in reducing those dreaded energy and gas bills,” explained Yasir Georgees.

Aware their new home was one among the large investments they would make in their lifetime; the Georgees knew that building in full brick would enhance the value of their home.

They also feel assured that bricks will last and maintain their quality over time. This has been proven over the many years this product has been utilised. 

Austral Bricks offers more information about the benefits from a full brick home. Austral Bricks display centres are at Horsley Park, Bowral, Albion Park, Punchbowl, Fyshwick ACT, Newcastle and Tuggerah.