Austral Bricks has established leadership in the clay paver market by drawing on their new national structure to introduce the premium Classic Paver range in NSW. According to Brett Ward, Austral Bricks’ marketing manager, the Classic range brings an exciting selection of clay paver colours to Austral Bricks’ already extensive range.

“The introduction of the Classic Paver range gives home owners and landscapers a wonderful selection of strong base colours. The colours are unique to the Classic range because they are made using natural, rich clays from Victoria. There are rich and cool creams flashed with a sophisticated blend of golds and blues. Their smooth surface and soft rolled edges make them ideal for domestic paths, driveways and courtyards”.

“Striking effects can be achieved combining Classic Pavers in creative patterns for paving projects around the home and for major commercial areas said Brett Ward. The Austral Bricks Classic Paver range features six attractive colours including Classic Cream, Rustic Red, Autumn Red, Classic Red, Autumn Gold and Victoria Blue.

The dimensions of the new pavers are 230mmx114mmx50mm and have a smooth texture finish with straight arises. Bullnose Classic pavers are available in Cream and Red. There are 38 pavers per square metre.

The Classic Paver range will be available at all Austral Bricks Display Centres as well as most pavers stockists in NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

- Infolink Architectural online